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Pets and Halloween

Pets and Halloween

Halloween is great fun for most of us.

Kids and grown-ups alike find it a time for the imagination to let loose & fantastical characters to be brought to life. It’s a time of hilarious costumes, bright lights and noise – (and candy!) We humans might have fun with this, but it’s often a confusing time for animals. Most pets are alarmed by the doorbell repeatedly ringing and visitors endlessly appearing, but some can even be intimidated by the costumes as well. Who really knows what our dogs and cats think of all this?But we do know that those who are frightened can act in ways that are unpredictable.

Problems occur when a pet is very anxious and pacing, panting and drooling all night and can’t settle down. Even worse, some pets get out and run away (or are injured by vehicles or other means). Others who may feel confused and trapped may act uncharacteristically aggressive. So – it is best to keep everyone safe. Keeping dogs and cats indoors during the busy hours of children Trick-or-Treating is ideal.

If you can keep your pet in a quiet space away from all the excitement at the front door, that would be the best plan. If they are being closed in a room, make sure they have what they need for the period of time you plan to contain them, and be sure to check on them frequently (if a family member isn’t able to be with them during this time). Fireworks are a particular problem for our nervous pets. Some pets might even need sedation to get through this scary night safely.

This is something you could talk to your veterinarian about if you feel it’s necessary. And don’t let your pets get into the candy afterwards. Chocolate can be toxic and all that sugar and fat can cause other upsets to the system. (It’s not always that great for us in large quantities either.) Being aware of the confusion your pet might be feeling helps us take better care of them during stressful times like Halloween night. Have a fun and safe HAPPY HALLOWEEN