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Bellevue is open 8:30AM to 5:30PM, seven days a week.

We strive to be as available as possible, by staffing our hospital all week long!  Our team aims to provide reliable, compassionate veterinary care every day.

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Open Seven Days a Week

We are open on weekends!

We currently have a staff of 6 veterinarians,  several registered veterinary technicians, experienced assistants, and friendly receptionists taking shifts, 8:30AM to 5:30PM, seven days a week.



Being clear and direct is a priority.
Because you know your pet’s personality best, we always take great care to listen to your concerns, perform our necessary evaluation, and then communicate, as clearly as possible, the best course of action for your pet. For us, communication is key!

Tools & Technology

Several on-site diagnostics are available.
In addition to a range of in-clinic blood testing capabilities, we also have ultrasound imaging, and our digital x-ray equipment. And we use leading technology for monitoring, & caring for, patients under anesthesia (pulse oximetry, blood pressure monitors, ECG, temperature monitor, and capnography).

Housecall Services

Veterinary housecalls are limited at this time due to short staffing.  We hope to be back to offering regular housecalls in the near future. Please call the clinic if you have questions.


Our Veterinary Team

Dr. Shelagh Hislop

Dr. Shelagh Hislop has been a part of Bellevue since 1992 after her Biochemistry degree at the U. of Calgary, then veterinary degree, with distinction, from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon. Her love for animals, people, and science are what called her to veterinary medicine as a career. Her special interest areas are dentistry and soft tissue surgery, and she loves opportunities to learn about new treatments and techniques. Shelagh has an everchanging array of 4-legged family members, and keeps trying to teach herself piano. Also, she runs (slowly), reads, and tries to grow food.

Dr. Jeff Dahl

Dr. Jeff Dahl started working with us in May 2000 immediately after his graduation from Western College of Veterinary Medicine. Jeff originates from the Victoria area and was glad to return to the Island from his veterinary training in Saskatoon where he obtained extra experience while working 2 summers in the department of radiology. We're sure he was born with veterinary medicine in his genes because both of his parents were veterinarians too! Jeff works full time in the clinic while he and his wife, Denise, are raising two young boys, 2 cats (Margaret and Maisy), and Lily the Labrador.

Dr. Lesage
Dr. Natacha Lesage

Dr. Natacha Lesage started her work with us in March 2006. She graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon in 2002. Prior to her work here, she had practiced veterinary medicine in Oregon and also in England, as she and her husband traveled in Europe. Dr. Lesage has a very gentle nature and thus has a calming influence on our four-legged patients and their owners. Natacha is in the clinic 3 days/week, while she and her husband, David, are raising two boys, and their canine child, Rocky.

Dr. Bradbury
Dr. Christine Bradbury

Dr. Christine Bradbury joined the Bellevue team in February 2017. Originally from the Comox Valley, she completed an undergraduate degree in Zoology at UBC prior to earning her DVM from the Ontario Veterinary College. Just prior to Bellevue, Christine was working at an emergency hospital in Vancouver, but was excited to come back to the Island to spend more quality time with her husband and 3 boys. Christine's veterinary special interests include diagnostic medicine, soft tissue surgery and critical care. In her spare time, Christine loves the outdoors, camping, kayaking, and painting.

Dr. Bradbury
Dr. Petra Kos Harms

Dr. Petra Kos immigrated to Canada from Czechoslovakia as a toddler and grew up in Ontario, getting her vet degree from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2009. She moved to the Best Coast soon after graduating, and has been practicing small animal primary and emergency care on Vancouver Island and surrounding area since 2010. She loves medical diagnostic workups and teaching people the about the veterinary care options, giving treats to dogs and ear scritches to cats. She and her husband Mike are kept busy with three young daughters, a Snowshoe cat named Bentley and a White Swiss Shepherd named Rio. She spends her days off vacuuming white fur, pursuing outdoor adventures and working on a passion project advocating for responsible Artificial Intelligence use in medical practice.

Latest Bellevue News & Information

Updated Oct 2023


  • Vets & staff are available 7 days/week 8:30 to 5:30.
  • Our Veterinary Housecall Service is available approximately once/month. We hope to have more frequent housecall days available in the future.
  • Our Bellevue online store may be helpful and convenient for you. After registering, you can browse and order pet food and non-prescription products (not medications) any time of day or night. Items can later be delivered to the clinic for you to pick up, or they can be delivered to your door (for a $10ish fee).
  • In some situations, we may be able to offer telemedicine. This is a consultation over the phone. Call 250-248-2031 to enquire.
If you need to bring your pet to the clinic:
  • Please make an appointment. 
  • All cats must be in a carrier of some kind. Please do not remove them from this carrier in the parking lot!
  • All dogs must be on a leash. If they are nervous about other dogs, you can wait in the car until we are ready for them.
  • Some very nervous pets may need sedation for us to examine them. Sometimes this can be set up for you to give at home, ahead of time, before bringing your pet. We can discuss this option if you feel it might be helpful.
  • Missed appointments without notice may be charged a fee. 

Thank you!

Please stay safe and healthy!

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Our Mission Statement
To communicate options, while respecting the decisions of our clients, so that we are able to help them provide their pets with the best health care possible.
Our Top Priorities
wE STRIVE FOR our patients TO BE as comfortable as possible, while their owners trust our expertise, and experience our compassion. the standard of care WE PROVIDE is the same THAT we would GIVE to our own CHERISHED PETS.
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Please call the hospital for an appointment. Our phone lines are open 7 days a week from 8AM to 5:30PM


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Bellevue Veterinary Hospital
1016 Bellevue Road, Box 336
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(250) 248-2031

Please call the hospital for an appointment. Our phone lines are open 7 days a week from 8AM to 5:30PM