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Antifreeze (Ethylene Glycol) Poisoning


This week, we are issuing a warning to pet owners about the potential for antifreeze poisoning in the downtown Parksville area.

Bellevue Veterinary Hosptial has dealt with two cases of antifreeze poisoning within one week — both of which came from the same general area in Parksville. These pets resided in the area of Pym Street, Soriel Road & Highway 19A.

We don’t immediately believe the animals were poisoned deliberately, but we want pet owners to be aware of the risk. Antifreeze is tasty and pets (especially dogs) are quite happy to drink it.

For the most part, people are probably very careful about handling this very toxic material. But there could be vehicles that are leaking or it’s possible that someone has inadvertently discarded the liquid in an unsafe manner.

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