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Spring is in the Air


Ahh spring is in the air…the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming and the never ending west coast rain seems to be lifting a bit. Well, it looks like we’re just in time for allergy season! Yes, just as you and I get to enjoy the itchy eyes and stuffy nose due to nature’s renewal after winter, some of our four legged friends also share our discomfort. Our faithful companions don’t always suffer the same as you and me. Where you and I want to sneeze and scratch our eyes out…our pets tend to get itchy, in some cases REALLY itchy!

Many dogs (and cats too) come in this time of year with skin problems that seem to have a seasonal spin on them. We see pets coming in with an insatiable desire to lick and snuffle their own feet, miserable ear infections and full blown skin infections. This occurs due to their skin’s normal defences being hypersensitive to perceived foreign substances, like pollen.

Summer Safety Tips

Dog left in CarDOGS LEFT IN THE CAR:

There's a ton of online information and many warnings about leaving dogs in the car on hot days. But still people keep doing it! Perhaps these people who continue to do so are not online. So please spread the word to all your friends and relatives about how dangerous and inhumane this is. Even with the windows open a bit, the car can get much hotter than the outdoor temperature and dogs can experience great distress and potentially life threatening harm via heat stroke. Keep in mind that dogs have to pant to decrease their body temperature. They don't have the sweat glands than people have. Tell everyone: leave the dogs at home on warm days -- please!
Dogs feet are tough -- but many people forget that they can still become traumatized by excessive heat from sun-soaked asphalt or from excessive running on concrete, gravel, or asphalt. Dogs' feet are prone to injuries and discomfort from these surfaces during high temperatures and extreme exercise. They're often so devoted that they will run forever to keep up with you. Please remember to keep them cool (keep feet off hot surfaces) and prevent them from overdoing it -- especially in the hot weather.