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Heartworm disease

heartwormVeterinarians will often ask pet owners whether they have done, or will do, any travelling with their pet, and if so, where to, & what times of the year. Part of the reasoning behind asking these questions is to assess the pet's risk for contracting heartworm disease. This parasite infestation is easy to prevent, but very difficult (expensive and risky) to treat. As always, we'd much rather prevent this.

Heartworm disease is the infestation by a worm that develops in the bloodstream of the dog and eventually matures to the adult form that lives in the vessels of the lungs and in the heart. For obvious reasons, this infestation can be a serious health threat to the patient.

Spring is in the Air


Ahh spring is in the air…the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming and the never ending west coast rain seems to be lifting a bit. Well, it looks like we’re just in time for allergy season! Yes, just as you and I get to enjoy the itchy eyes and stuffy nose due to nature’s renewal after winter, some of our four legged friends also share our discomfort. Our faithful companions don’t always suffer the same as you and me. Where you and I want to sneeze and scratch our eyes out…our pets tend to get itchy, in some cases REALLY itchy!

Many dogs (and cats too) come in this time of year with skin problems that seem to have a seasonal spin on them. We see pets coming in with an insatiable desire to lick and snuffle their own feet, miserable ear infections and full blown skin infections. This occurs due to their skin’s normal defences being hypersensitive to perceived foreign substances, like pollen.