Bellevue Veterinary Hospital, Parksville

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Meet Our Team

Bellevue Veterinary Hospital Team Photo

We take great pride in our friendly clinic atmosphere. Our veterinarians and staff are personable, compassionate, and professional.

We have six veterinarians to see patients, consult with pet owners, and perform medical and surgical procedures.

The staff behind the scenes at the clinic are the registered veterinary technicians (RVTs) and technical assistants who help with patients, through anesthesias, dentistries, surgeries, treatments, and ongoing hospitalization during illness.

The reception staff does their utmost to make sure that everyone gets the attention they require as promptly as possible, over the phone or at the front desk.  And our office manager helps arrange the schedules, staffing, building maintenance, clinic policies and general business management.


  • Shelagh
  • Jeff
  • Natacha
  • Christine
  • Karissa
  • Leah

Care Team

Receptionists and Administration