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The Twelve Pets of Christmas

Do these festive pets live in your home?

1. The Adventurer

the adventurerThe shiny lights, the glittering tinsel and the tempting tree just begging to be climbed are all too much to resist for this bold explorer. You can make her Christmas safe by using non-breakable ornaments made of wood or plastic, without small pieces that can be easily chewed. Find alternatives to tinsel, like sparkly garlands, thick shiny ribbons or silver icicles to give your tree some bling. Strands of tinsel pose a real risk for blocking or cutting your pet's intestines if eaten. Make sure you anchor your tree to the walls, ceiling or cross-beam so it won't fall over if (or when) it does get climbed. Also, cover up that tree water with a tree-skirt so it is not mistaken for a water bowl.

2. The Road Warrior

the road warriorThis adrenaline junkie is out in all weather; jogging, fetching, racing sleds and hitting the slopes. He doesn't care if it's -40 in a blizzard and he can't feel his toes anymore... he just wants to play! Your extreme athlete can be at risk for paw injuries on sharp ice and snow and they can also be burned from road salt. Check his paws every day and wash them if they are exposed to salt. There are pet-friendly road salt alternatives available for you to use at home on your own driveway. If your dog's paws are continually getting injured then consider having them wear booties... just like the professional sled dogs wear! Also, dogs with very short hair don't have any protection from the elements. He might benefit from a warm jacket to keep him in the game.

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