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Before a Procedure



Procedure Consent Form

Please fill out this online consent form and click submit before your pet’s procedure.

Unless your vet has given you specific instructions, fasting guidelines prior to general anesthesia are as follows:

  • Dogs & cats over 3 months of age, and over 2kg body weight, should be fasted for 8 hours prior to general anesthesia. (Fasted means no food.)
  • Rabbits (+ puppies & kittens younger than 3 months of age or smaller than 2kg body weight) are exceptions. These patients should not be fasted.
  • Water does not need to be withheld prior to admitting to the hospital.

Pre-op fasting:

Do you consent to the recommended pre-op bloodwork?

Would you like your pet to get a tattoo (in the right ear), for identification, helpful within B.C.

Would you like your pet to get a microchip (helpful ID worldwide)?

If fleas are seen on your pet, a short-term treatment will be administered, and there will be a nominal fee.

Is your pet female, and scheduled for a spay surgery?

Has your pet been in heat recently?

Pregnancy history?

Is your pet on a special diet?

Is your pet on any medication (aside from parasite control)?

I give consent for my pet to have the scheduled procedure, and for vets/staff of Bellevue Veterinary Hospital to carry out any treatment that is necessary. I realise that no guarantee can be made regarding outcome/cure. I am aware of the risks of the general anesthesia and/or the procedure. I will be responsible for the fees charged for this service and for following the post-op instructions for my pet.

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