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House Call F.A.Q.’s

Why have a house call?


  • Maybe your pet hates to travel
  • Or your pet is difficult to move
  • Some are more comfortable or less stressed at home
  • Or maybe YOU prefer the convenience of staying put
How do house calls work during the pandemic?

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are performing veterinary house calls outdoors or in open garage areas or outbuildings.  We wear face masks and require our clients to do the same.  We clean and disinfect all items before and after every appointment and do everything possible to maintain 2 meter social distancing.

What services are possible on a house call?

We would recommend asking about any specifics when you call to make the appointment, but the following services are commonly performed on house call visits:

  • examinations for annual wellness checkups & prescription refills, mild illnesses, lameness, skin conditions, ear infections, lumps & bumps, dental exams, …
  • vaccinations
  • injections of various medications
  • blood collection for blood tests
  • various treatments, medications, bandaging …
  • humane euthanasia
What services cannot be offered on a house call?

The following services cannot be arranged on a house call visit:

  • Our house call service is not a veterinary ambulance.  Emergency services are not possible on house calls unless your urgency already overlaps with the available scheduling.  Please call the clinic to ask. Emergencies will usually need to come to our hospital.
  • Procedures requiring heavy sedation or general anesthesia cannot be performed during a house call. These procedures will have to be arranged for in-hospital scheduling. 
  • X-rays cannot be done on house calls. Patients requiring these will be referred to the clinic.
  • Sometimes exams or treatments on patients who are aggressive or nervous enough to require heavy sedation.
What geographical area can the house call service cover?

The house call service travels from North Qualicum to Lantzville.

How much does a house call cost?

There is a fee for the mobile service to come to you, but otherwise prices are the same as our hospital services. Call the hospital for details.

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